At Barks Law Firm, we proudly represent individuals and businesses in the areas of residential and commercial real estate. From contracts to closings and everything in between, our team is trusted throughout Central Florida for our extensive experience and our meticulous work.


Our services begin with accumulating the necessary information to prepare a contract for sale and purchase. After that point, we prepare the contract and tailor it to the client’s needs as a seller or buyer.


Once the contract is prepared and executed, we begin preparing for the closing process. This includes assisting buyers with their mortgage application process, ordering and examining the title search, coordinating home inspection services and termite inspection for buyers, and ordering and examining the survey.

Our team handles the closing, prepares all documents, disburses all funds, issues the title insurance commitment and policy, and records all documents related to this process.


Title insurance protects an owner’s financial interest in a property against losses due to defects in the title, liens, or other related matters. If another attorney or a title company happens to be handling the closing and title insurance, we can review all closing documents for either buyers or sellers.


Our team works with our clients to prepare leases, lease-options, notes, mortgages, mortgage modifications, and easements. Please feel free to reach out to our team to discuss your specific needs.